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Lead Inspection Services

Lead paint was used in over 38 million homes in the U.S. before being banned for residential use. Any structure built or painted prior to 1978 likely contains lead paint, posing a serious health hazard to all occupants of the building, especially children. According to the Massachusetts Department of Health, only 10% of the estimated 1.8 million homes built in MA before 1978 have been de-leaded.

Call Master Lead Paint Inspection Services to ensure the safety of your family, children, tenants, and customers. We have provided thorough and reliable lead inspection services since 1993. We identify lead hazards in your residential or commercial property using x-ray fluorescence (XRF) machines for fast and accurate test results.

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Master Lead Paint provides the most accurate lead detection service available with highly trained and licensed professionals that help to identify lead paint with the most state of the art equipment. We strive to provide thorough and reliable services to guarantee your property is lead safe for your family, children and tenants. 

Master Lead Paint Services the greater Boston area and surrounding communities. 

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